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Having successfully completed over 1,000 retail projects we understand the issues associated with construction related services in an occupied environment including limited access; time constraints; multiple tenants; various building materials and layouts; and a bottom-line driven focus.

Real Estate

Our experienced personnel understand the complexities of the real estate market from development of new sites, renovation and demolition of older structures to property management of diverse portfolios. We have unique experience with infill, brownfield, mixed-use, residential communities and high rise developments.

We work collaboratively with a variety of players in the real estate industry such as owners, developers, property managers, contractors, designers and others. We listen to our client’s needs and develop the most appropriate strategies to meet those needs.


As a specialty consulting firm we provide architectural, engineering and construction teams with consultants who supplement and enhance a project team. Our consultants have significant expertise in our full range services and are accustomed to working in a collaborative teaming environment.


RGA’s government clients are highly technically knowledgeable about applicable regulatory requirements, the wide range of services we provide and accustomed to working with consultants. Many of our government clients have multiple concurrent projects that require us to provide sufficient staffing and technical resources to successfully complete their projects on time and on budget. RGA specializes in managing public projects for federal, state or local agencies either as prime service provider or in a teaming capacity.


Many healthcare facilities have ongoing construction projects ranging from facility repairs to major renovations and building additions while maintaining 24 hour patient care operations. We understand the significant liabilities associated with construction activities in a health care setting. Our services are provided with extreme care by RGA professionals familiar with healthcare operations and patient services.

We also provide both emergency response remediation consulting and auditing as well as infection control risk assessments. In addition to our expertise with federal, state and local regulations, our staff is knowledgeable about standards required by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities (JCAHO); offices of statewide health planning and development (OSHPD); Center for Disease Control (CDC) and agencies for healthcare administration.


K-12 and higher education clients face some of the strictest regulations and are often the most highly visible clients in our communities. K-12 districts are required to comply with AHERA as well as state and local regulations. Other issues include unique facilities such as laboratories, vehicle maintenance shops, art studios and transportation departments that use and store regulated materials.

Protecting the health and safety of students is paramount either for modernization, repairs, or ongoing operations and maintenance. RGA has over 20 years of experience working with schools and universities on educational and student housing facilities and entire campuses.


We understand that every square foot in hospitality facilities generates income and are operational on a 24/7 basis. RGA has a successful track record working with hotels, restaurants, casinos, catering firms, resorts, convention centers and clubs on many types of projects in all services areas. We always keep the guest in mind first and work together with our clients to minimize disruption to operations and daily maintenance activities while keeping budget and demanding construction schedules paramount.

Energy Industry

Our services are tailored to downstream businesses at energy firms for all types of facilities such as 24 hour production plants, retail locations and commercial offices. Energy firms face intense scrutiny by both regulators and the general public. Our experienced staff works with extreme care on refinery turnarounds, facility upgrades, retail conversions, tenant improvements or general maintenance and operations. We respond promptly with the right people, the right equipment and the right mix of services.


The foundation of RGA’s core competency in industrial hygiene is in the manufacturing setting. We understand generic systems that affect all manufacturing environments including automated and human processes, work flow, operational constraints and supply chain management. In addition, we bring a wide base of industrial hygiene and chemical exposure expertise to a full range of manufacturing settings that have their own specific issues and concerns.


Carriers, adjusters, brokers and agents expect immediate response due to the time sensitive nature of their work. Assessing losses quickly and soundly are paramount to processing and settling claims that are beneficial to the insurer and the insured. RGA provides proactive services to help prevent claims or minimize losses when accidents occur for property, casualty and workers compensation claims.